Ken K Chung is a Melbourne based graphic artist.
Services include:
Illustration and Graphic design for Print, Events and Storyboarding for TVC and Animation internationally since 2006.

If you have a project proposal or wish to inquire further of Ken's services, get in touch via
mobile: (+61) 448 404590

Client work includes projects in fashion, television, web and print for:
IDEO, Unilever, Cummins Ross, Ilovedust, Nike, Adidas, Nooka, ïma Design Village, Lee Klabin and General Electric amongst others.

Please visit: STUDIO KENJAMIN for vector based editorial style. This is a parallel site offering a different illustrative style, focussing more on communication graphics, scenes, editorial and some animation.

Everything © Ken K Chung aka mergs illustration 2009-2014 unless credited otherwise.